Wall Anchor/Brace Installation

Why do we use it?

Often pressure caused by expanding soil outside of a wall can push a wall inwards and result in bowing and cracking. One of the ways an engineer will address this is with wall anchors and or braces.

A wall anchor is a kit comprising of an interior plate, connection rod, and exterior plate. First, a trench or hole is dug in the area usually 12-15’ away from the failing wall. A 1” hole is then drilled through your concrete wall. Then a 3/4” steel rod is driven from your basement to the hole outside. The rod is secured on both ends with a plate, washer and nut and torqued per engineering specifications.
A wall brace is an engineered piece of steel channel or tube that is attached at the bottom of the failing wall and at the top of the interior framing structure (floor joists). These are usually used when there is not enough room available outside the wall to install an anchor solution.

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