Our Testimonials are among the best!

 I really appreciate your honest assessment. That makes me trust even more in your referrals. You might be the first contractor I feel bad about not sending my business your way. Integrity is rare these days. As a war veteran, who sacrificed his job over integrity and honesty, I applaud you Jason.   TOM

Jonathan Lindquist

Jonathan Lindquist –We had a twisted I-beam in our basement. Our home warranty company directed us to another company that never returned our calls (over multiple months). Colorado Structural Repair was wonderful to work with– very responsive to our needs, and performed high quality work. The beam is fixed, and they sent an engineer for final inspection. The fact that the work done came under estimate was icing on the cake!

Would work with them again in a heartbeat. Excellent experience, highly recommend!

Sierra Briggs

Sierra Briggs –I highly recommend Colorado Structural Repair. We hired them to put helical piers in our home about a year ago, and the team treated us very well. I just called them back to look at our detached garage, and I was very impressed with Jason’s honesty and willingness to work with us and what we need.

Dale Becker

Dale Becker6
When your structural repair company is a hammer, every hairline crack looks like a nail. That’s why you need to do your diligence and find an honest company that will provide honest advice. That’s been my experience with Colorado Structural. As a real estate broker, I’ve had them look at several properties for me, and while homes sometimes do require significant, expensive work… just as often I’ve been offered some easy fixes or simple reassurance that what we’re looking at really isn’t that serious. Very few of us are structural experts, and there are plenty of companies that will upsell you into repairs you don’t need, I’ve found Colorado Structural to be honest, forthright and reliable, which is all you can ask of any reputable business.

Bobby Rose

Bobby Rose –Lowest bid and highest quality. Highly recommended! They resolved a complicated repair to my retaining wall at 1/3 the cost of other bids. Work done in one day, cannot recommend more highly!

Rachael Chappell

Rachael Chappell –
Jason came out to inspect our home’s foundation. We are experiencing small separation in counter top from wall, wall from floor, etc. Jason was amazing and explained why it’s happening and what to do to fix it – none of it foundation related (we need better drainage away from house). I really appreciate his time, expertise, and honesty!!!!!

Erika Freeman-Daniels

Erika Freeman-Daniels –Such a good experience with something I was fearful would be terrible. Jack did a solid job of educating me on what was happening and why, giving me honest answers about what did (and did NOT) need to be done, and how to know when to call them back out. I so appreciate the time and information, this is a great company!

Hal Bregman

Hal Bregman – The best contracting Company I have ever worked with. Prompt ,courteous,efficient and most important, reliable. Their people on the site new exactly what was needed to complete the job.

Rob Carr

Rob Carr –Jack came out promptly and looked at our leaking basement situation. Really nice guy, and he recommended alternate solutions that would save us a lot of money, even though it meant no business for his company. Nice to deal with honest people like this!

Steven Loe

Steven Loe –Last summer, while the 1800’s house I was selling was under contract, a foundation problem was discovered during inspection. I hired Colorado Structural Repair to fix the problem.

They took great care with the job, completed it ahead of schedule and were straightforward and easy to work with. I wasn’t happy that I had to get the foundation repaired. However, It was refreshing to work with a great company that clearly knows what they are doing and has such high integrity.

C. Trystin Sova

C. Trystin Sova – We had Jack come out after we experienced flooding in two of our properties. He offered a thorough analysis of landscaping and structural issues that likely caused the flood, along with a list of simple recommendations to help prevent future flooding. I wholly trust his expertise and was grateful for the thoughtful assessment.

Hannah Miller

Hannah Miller –
Jack was great and honest. We called to get an opinion on a home during our inspection period. He showed up the same day, evaluated the home thoroughly and gave us his professional opinion. He indicated there were no major concerns and even suggested all the things we could do ourselves to save money, rather than trying to nickel and dime us. I would highly recommend his services.

Colin Morgan

Colin Morgan – I believe Jack and Byron have provided us with the most knowledgable insight into our foundations, and Michallene provides super friendly customer service. I will definitely call CSR first for our next project!

Jared Beard

Jared Beard As a business owner that had to build my company‘s reputation on trust, I really appreciate it when I see other businesses do the same thing. Jack came over to my house because I thought I had a foundation issue, he sized up the issue and determined it was not a foundation issue, referred me to another company, and didn’t even charge me to come out. He could’ve put a sales job on me and taken advantage of my lack of knowledge, but he did not do that and acted in my interest. If I ever have a need for foundation repair or know of anyone that has a foundation repair need I will definitely refer Colorado structural repair!

Tetroid Gaming

Tetroid Gaming – Talk about an honest company! As a Buyer’s agent we had an inspection that left a few questions about the integrity of a foundation- called them and they scheduled to come out.. instead of suggesting costly or un-needed repairs as some companies would have, Jason checked for major problems and told us the foundation looks as it should and doesn’t need a thing, offered some suggestions for ensuring water stays away and didn’t charge us a penny. Will definitely use them when we actually need something, but it’s refreshing to know that an honest company still exists that will tell you when you don’t need a repair. Thank you for your time coming out to the house!

Michael Munoz

Michael Munoz –I am a real estate agent in the Denver Market; Colorado Structural Repair came in lower than any other company, they performed the work in a very professional manner and were willing to wait until the home closed for them to get paid. I would highly recommend them. They did an amazing job!!!

Tyler Strong

Tyler Strong –Today we had the pleasure to meet Jack. He came out to do an estimate and was one of the most honest and great guys to work with.
We have met many contractors for this project and he is a 5 star.

Neil Paulson

Neil Paulson –These guys propped up my cracking brick home with four helical piers , took care of all required engineering and permits and did it for $4,000 less than two other bidders.

tony phelps

tony phelps – Grateful for Jack’s honesty! We have a problem with basement window wells filling during heavy rainstorms, and flooding a bedroom (2x in 2 years). Another company proposed a nearly $5K “solution.” Jack offered a solution we could try on our own first. He didn’t try to just “sell” us, but to help us before we spend big money. Rare to find such honesty out there. You can trust Jack to suggest alternatives without selling you something you may not need!

Rayana A

Rayana A –I highly recommend this company. Came out and gave us an honest assessment of our foundation and drainage issues. Just the facts and truth and no upselling. Thanks!!

Jim Zapp

Jim Zapp –My son’s home foundation wall was bulging and needed stabilization. We checked out a few companies and decided to go with CSR. Jack was great to deal with , the company got the job done in a timely manner and they did what they promised. Highly recommend them.

Tom Zunker

Tom Zunker – This was my first experience in hiring a structural engineer, putting a project out for bid, and working with a company to correct my bowing foundation wall, with resulting significant cracks. Correction required the use of anchor plates, rods, and a steel channel with plate. I must say at the beginning, everyone concerned with Colorado Structural Repair was outstanding to work with and very experienced in all they did. – Jason, Russell, Karen, and excellent work crew with Humberto. The crew was timely, efficient, and steady in completing the task. Not far into my lawn was very hard clay, and tree roots. They had all equipment necessary to deal with circumstances. Work sight was left orderly after 1st day, and completed in the second day. Even though a trench of 4’Dx18″Wx9L ‘ was dug for eternal anchor placements, once job was finished, it appeared as if the lawn had not been disturbed. The independent engineer who approved the finished job said it was excellent work! Office staff – Karen, was terrific and everything made easy. I suppose you can now tell that I am a happy fellow, and would highly recommend Colorado Structural Repair to anyone looking for a job well done!

Todd Wilder

Todd Wilder –I just got my home inspected by Jack and he was very impressive and gave me a few good options. Way more knowledgeable than my previous engineer.

M Bright

M Bright –Great company with YOUR best interest in mind. Foundation issues can be very scary and having Byron and his team involved removes a lot of the worry. I highly recommend their services!

Curtis Van Gelder

Curtis Van Gelder – I hired Colorado Structural Repair to repair some bowed foundation walls at my home. The condition of one of the walls was such that they needed to excavate a full-depth trench next to the wall. As you can imagine, that generated a LOT of dirt that had to be stored in my small side yard. They took special care of how and where to stage the dirt and when they were done compacting and cleaning up, you wouldn’t have known they were ever there. They were knowledgeable, professional, courteous and always prompt. Everyone from the estimator to the field crew to the field supervisor were a pleasure to work with. As a general contractor, I’ll use them on all of my future structural projects as well!

Elsa Burchinow

Elsa Burchinow –
I got three bids before getting my interior drain installed. This was the only local company that even called me back and I was really happy they did. Jason gave me a bunch of different options and Manny and the guys did an efficient, clean job. When I thought something wasn’t working, I called them and the next day the foreman came back and rechecked (and explained to me) the system. I will be selling my home soon and it means water in my basement is something I don’t have to worry about.

Cindy Miller

Cindy Miller – We had these guys do a lot of work to get the house ready to sell. I was very impressed with their service. My phone calls were always returned promptly and their staff was very courteous and thorough.

I highly recommend their service if you are in need of foundation repairs.

E Joseph

E Joseph Local Guide ·  I was sure we needed foundation repairs due to a sinking garden level living room floor. Jack came for an estimate, looked things over and felt strongly that our foundation was fine. Said he thought the floor had sunk due to water drainage issues outside the living room and recommended repairing the drainage issue and having the floor mudjacked. What I expected to be a huge and VERY expensive job turned out to be relatively minor and inexpensive. I’m pretty sure not every foundation repair company would have been this honest. Colorado Structural Repair doesn’t even do mudjacking, so they won’t make any money from us if we proceed with the recommended work. I would hire this company in a second if we ever did need foundation repair. They are truly concerned with the needs of the homeowner versus just trying to make a sale.

Mike Smith

Mike Smith – I do not normally write reviews but in this case I must. I called CSR requesting a quote for a repair I was under the impression I needed. Jack came out on time and thoroughly inspected the foundation and determined to my surprise that expensive repairs were not needed. How often do you fine a company or person that honest. If I ever need or know of some one who needs structural repairs CSR gets my recommendation.

Kai Davids

Kai Davids –I had the pleasure of meeting with Jack today at my 1906 home. Jack was very honest with me and didn’t try to sell me any repairs that I didn’t need. He let me tag along while he examined the foundation and explained any issues along the way. CSR will be my first call when its time to install a perimeter drain in my basement.

Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer – This company is awesome, the owner is the best person you could ever want to work with. I would always work with them. They’re the best.

Brigid Whitehead

Brigid Whitehead –
Bryon Johnson and Colorado Structural Repair provides honest, expert and invaluable insight and repair solutions to foundation and other structural problems. Their experts tell you exactly what is happening and what is needed to repair. Their estimates are fair and reasonable and unlike some other unscrupulous companies, they do not oversell, over charge and over complicate structural repair. They show up and get the job done right. I trust Byron and his team.

Charles .

Charles These guys are awesome. They’ll fix any foundation problems you may have.

Benny Slavic

Benny Slavic – Luckily, I met Jason Sturlaugson of Colorado Structural Repair in time to break a contract with another foundation repair company that, in a word, scammed me about what was needed for my foundation..

Jason, who has 45 years of experience in the business, and it showed when compared to the evaluation I got from the other company, told me that yes some things might eventually need to be done on the house, but time was not a factor and that many of the repairs recommended by the other company in fact did not affect the structural integrity of the house itself and were not, as I was originally led to believe, a matter of urgency.

One of the many nickle and dime fees charged by the other company was the payment for the other company’s representative to come out to the house. Said “engineer” told me that he was a licensed engineer but turned out to be only a salesman (!) However, when I asked how much I owed for his visit, Jason said, “Nothing! I didn’t do anything!”

And yet Jason spent more time at my house than the first person. Jason was genuinely concerned for my overall situation as a person. The other “engineer” was clearly just trying to make money.

I am just glad that I eventually got the second opinion from Jason. What he told me made perfect sense on every point.

How has this experience affected me? It has been extremely stressful. I worked as a high school teacher for 38 years so my retirement dollars don’t go very far. This fact was ignored in the name of profit by the first “engineer”, but at least one company’s representative, Jason of Colorado Structural Repair, presented the truth to me with respect and in an ethical manner.

I am at least happy for that. My house, contrary to what I was made to first believe, is not going to fall down anytime soon. I know how to proceed. I have learned a lot about what counts in home foundations.

(As Jason said, it’s really all about rain gutters and grading soil away from the house. This situation gives new meaning to the expression that “hindsight is 20/20”.)

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