Who are you doing business with?

Always get three estimates and do all the research you can before hiring a contractor. See their license, insurance and most importantly, workers' compensation policy. Ask to look at current or past jobs in your direct area, not on the other side of town. In today's internet age, there are at least three to five honest review sites of contractors encompassing the whole state of Colorado, Google, HomeAdvisor, Facebook just to name a few... use them.

Every year we make and fix our own mistakes. Lately we have been repairing other contractor's lack of attention to detail. We would rather learn from our own than profit from someone else's. Never under any circumstances should you, the customer, have to pay for a project twice. Be 100% sure of that before you spend your hard earned money on a conman and a promise.


Proudly local and fiercely independent, Colorado Structural Repair is the leading retail installer of helical piers and underpinning solutions in the Colorado, Wyoming and Northern New Mexico markets.

Melanie King